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Outsourcing Software development

high productivity, budget optimized
small team of developers
Node.JS, Vue.JS / React, JavaScript, iOS Objective-C, PHP, Java, Android Java, SQL (MySQL), NOSQL (Redis, Aerospike), big data analytic column based DB (ClickHouse)
We create scalable, beautiful web γ„” mobile γ„” desktop applications and websites
Hi, we are not looking for customers, but friends! We do not employ developers from bodyshop. I, the founder of this company and my friend - that's who will develop your product!
Usually, you will be shown the most powerful developers/CTO of the company on the website, but in reality, the code will be written by someone recently hired. This is not the case with us. I have 10 years of very wiiiide experience and i will write the code for your product.
We have:

2 full-stack developers (one of them is also an architect), 1 tester, 1 external graphic designer; we are located in Prague, Czech and remotely work worldwide

We focus:

lead startup development; creating a separate software for client; supporting and improving an existing product

We offer:

low prices, fair communication, professional service, fast development

Our killer feature:

we will make any of your ideas work as an application and put it all in a beautiful package; we can work even without a detailed technical task and hit in your expectations; we can start working on the day of the order; we don't stretch deadlines

Our SW architect's killer feature:

products that others do in a team of 5 developers, we do fast in a team of 2 developers; because no over-engineering and CV driven development

We also can:

SEO, SEO, SEO (Anna does it perfectly :)) create a regular websites, iOS & Android native applications, desktop Electron apps, Samsung TV apps

Almost all of our projects are under NDA, so we can’t publish real companies we work with, but we can introduce our last projects
Project 1
The crypto exchange with 100 000+/sec. operations, 14 000/sec. transactions; trading & matching engine; a limit, market, stop market orders etc; websockets API; reactive front-end
Project 2
The full cycle service for fintech blockchain startup: a wallet with support custom token, instant buy&exchange cryptocurrencies, internal cryptoexchange, a platform for private sales, mobile applications, POS crypto payments etc etc
Project 3
The Internet banking in a mobile application for a very huge European bank
Project 4
The P2P cryptocurencies/fiat local exhcange platform on full reactive front-end technologies
Write to me in Whatsapp right now
We take care of all the technical part to the maximum, you do not need to understand the technical details. Do not hesitate to contact us.
We have legal entity in the United Kingdom (BlackWood Software LTD), bank accounts in the USA ($), UK (GBP), EU (€). Signing the NDA is no problem.
Thank you!
Wait for a response within 30 minutes.

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Start accepting cryptocurrencies in your store! Create your own token! Create your own wallet! Enable decentralization for your business!

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Integration of blockchain

We can implement cryptocurrency payments in your online shop in just 2 days!

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Our professional skills
Our code was regularly audited by the branch of TOP 2 Internet security company in the world in one of the projects and the code was approved.