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We offer creating a cryptocurrency fork, hard fork, soft fork

We will be happy to help you in creating fork and setting up mining cryptocurrency. Write, we answer quickly!

Are you going to create your own cryptocurrency? Great idea! It can raise your capital and make your business more comfortable and modern.

There are two ways to create your own crypto (not a token):

  • to create a totally new cryptocurrency. That requires a creation of your own blockchain.
  • to fork the existing cryptocurrency.

What is a fork of the cryptocurrency?

To put it simply, it is just cloning a repository of one of the main cryptocurrency with source code and working on it to create your own altcoin or blockchain. It is possible because the cryptocurrency blockchain is an open source, that means that the code is free and accessible to everyone; both for viewing and for use.

For example, the Litecoin cryptocurrency is a “fork” of Bitcoin, because the developers copied the Bitcoin code, made a number of changes and launched a new project.

There are two main varieties – hard forks and soft forks.

Hard Fork is a big change in the cryptocurrency protocol that doesn’t support backward compatibility with older versions of the currency. It is the complete separation of the blockchain into two independent branches. It needs a software update as it is not compatible with old software. Thus, if you run the old program, it will consider all new transactions invalid, since the changes made as a result of the hard fork violate the essence of the new protocol.
The clearest example of a hard fork is Ethereum.

Soft fork is a change in the encryption protocol when only previously valid blocks become invalid. This change is backward compatible as older versions of the software recognize new blocks.

While hard fork implies that all miners will update systems and apply new rules, soft fork only requires most nodes to update and agree on a new version.

Why to create a fork of cryptocurrency?

It is very profitably to create a new product based on proven technology instead of creating your crypto from scratch and go through the way with mistakes from the beginning. We use many years of this experience in creating our own cryptocurrency fixing previous network bugs and flaws.

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