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Implementation of cryptocurrency payment to your site

In most cases, within two to three days of the order, we will introduce cryptocurrency payments on your site. Email us right now, we respond very quickly, usually within 25 minutes.

Why implement cryptocurrency payment on a website?

Сryptocurrency is not bound by a one country's exchange rate - that makes them more attractive for many business. It is important to be open to new technology. So let’s talk about advantages of implementing crypto payment to your website.

  1. First of all, it is very easy. Pair of clicks and the payment is proceeded.
  2. Transparency is a great advantage of using cryptocurrency payment.
  3. Crypto payment is very fast also. When the payment is confirmed you can use your money. It is very useful for international payments - It is much faster than bank transfers.
  4. No percents for your transaction. Only a small fee is needed for a network to process your payment
  5. High level of security. Blockchain technology allows to record transactions into «blocks» and each transaction must be signed. That signature prevents a transaction from being modified after it has been transferred to the network. Be sure that your funds are safe.
  6. Is is a great opportunity to have a new traffic. Modern customers all over the world who like cryptocurrency and want to spend their bitcoins can be the visitors of your website, who prefer anonymity. Give them that chance!
  7. Decentralization. The essence of cryptocurrency is a Blockchain, a third party is not needed. No one can demand additional documents or delay payments for reasons beyond your control.

What is cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a modern digital currency and also this is a very convenient way of payment nowadays. It is a decentralized network based on the blockchain technology and secured by cryptography.

What is blockchain? It is a single universal digital register. This technology got its name because it looks like a circuit - you can make changes to it only at the end of the blocks and every transaction is like a chain link. Each new addition contains a set of new transactions. All the chain of the transactions is transparent - you can find any transaction by using a special coin-address or a code.

Some major online retailers already accept the payment in cryptocurrency, may be now it’s your turn to use this great option. No matter what service you provide - you can easily accept bitcions / ethereum / litecoin / any erc20 token etc.

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Try new global trends

Start accepting cryptocurrencies in your store! Create your own token! Create your own wallet! Enable decentralization for your business!

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Integration of blockchain

We can implement cryptocurrency payments in your online shop in just 2 days!

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