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Creating your own wallet and infrastructure

Now when you know a lot about cryptocurrency, blockchain and coins, and you are ready to start your crypto way and make your own coin, you must know another important thing.

If you created your own coin, then it is advisable for you to create a branded software wallet. It can be a web version, at least, but mobile applications are also possible.

What is a wallet?

Crypto wallet or wallet for cryptocurrency is like a well-known wallet for storing money. It is a software that generate and keep your personal private key that allows you to make transactions for sending or receiving cryptocurrency in the blockchain.

Types of wallets

There are two main types of crypto wallets:
hardware wallets (cold storage),
software wallets (hot storage).

What does it mean?

  • Hot wallets are directly connected to the Internet. Software wallets are very popular because they are simple in creation and access.
  • Cold wallets works without access to the Internet. It is a hardware for example like USB drive or a smartphone.

Crypto wallet gives you the opportunity to use your funds but it is not the storage of your cryptocurrency, it keeps private and public keys. It is a graphical shell where the transactions are recorded because cryptocurrency is not a physical currency. We can draw a parallel with the Internet banking - it doesn’t store your money, but only provides the information about the balance.

The hot wallets are divided into network, desktop and mobile wallets. A web wallet is a wallet in a browser and you don’t need any additional programs. Desktop wallet is a software that you install and run on a computer. Mobile crypto wallet is installed on your smartphone. It gives an opportunity to make transactions with a help of a QR code, which is very convenient for daily operations.

When your wallet is ready then maybe you will need a special platform for your investors or sellers of your coin - we have an experience in creating a very practical and functional platform where all the partners can get a lot of useful information.

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